Milestone Pneumatics take pride in giving the commitment to our customers. We have in-house service center for air compressors and air accessories and our trained service engineers also visit our customers frequently for service and maintenance of our products.

We are ELGI channel partners and we provide service for ELGi lubricated reciprocating air compressor, High pressure and PET compressors, oil-free reciprocating air compressor, Encap series rotary screw air compressor, Global series rotary screw air compressor, air accessories like air dryer, air receiver, and oil removal filters.

We believe in providing complete solutions to our customers. After supplying the compressor we provide after sales and service support for all the products.

We provide AMC for all our products. Our service engineers assist on fixed service and also whenever there is a need for the breakdown service.

Our engineers are well-experienced and efficient to handle all our equipment.

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